Ahhh…nothing feels better than a fresh, clean kitchen just waiting for a family and friends to gather in!  Ok, a massage, maybe that!  This is the second installment in a series of articles and tips about getting any room prepped to be photographed and put on the market.  If you missed last week’s, click here!

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Today we will tackle what many call THE most important room in the house.  Before you list your home if you are able to refurbish your kitchen, go for it!  At the very least put away all extraneous items and wipe everything down.  However, as we stated in previous posts, use this time to begin packing.  Sort, and pack, having a box for thrift store pick up or a garage sale.  Wipe down every surface, remove everything off the front of the refrigerator, completely clear counters of appliances, utensil holders, soap/lotion containers, rags, towels, and sponges.

See the difference??!!  The two shots above would have been entirely different if all the items on the counter had simply been removed.  Right now, one’s eyes can’t really see the kitchen, as they bounce to all the various distractions.  Might seem in an inconsequential thing, but those looking to purchase a home, want to see the room, want to be drawn in and then envision how their belongings will fit in that space.  They want to focus on the cabinets, appliances, the wall color and flooring, and overall layout of the kitchen space.

This is practically perfect in every way!  (not entirely sure why a Mary Poppins line just popped into my head!) Remove those two items, and the eye is immediately drawn into the kitchen, and that AMAZING stove!  then to that stunning island.  It’s ok to leave a few, emphasis on a FEW decorative items, so this space looks lived in.  Otherwise, empty the counter space, add a vase of fresh flowers for added color and pop.

Be mindful of open area rooms, or a dining/kitchen area.  These are a great example of all clutter and personal items picked up and stored.  Your eye can now focus, be drawn in, appreciate the space, see the walls and floors and understand the context of the rest of the home.

Until next time…

“The kitchen is the heart of every home, for the most part. It evokes memories of your family history.”  Debi Mazar