How to prepare a home for real estate photography

Have you ever wondered how a certain room or area in your client’s home should look BEFORE it is photographed prior to market listing? This series of articles will provide you with quick and easy tips for creating amazing look rooms, regardless of style, age or decor available.  Each week, for the next four weeks, we will explore and show examples of what a clean, clutter-free room looks like, and simple shortcuts to get there!

As you can see in the second image, a clutter-free room draws your eye into the image so you can see each room of the home as your potential buyers will want to see.  Buyers, most importantly, how your personal style will fit into each space. Therefore, increasing views and hopefully offers!

Helpful tip!  Start packing!  If you can, go ahead and start packing all that extra decor and “clutter”.  Added bonus, have a box that is for a future garage sale or thrift store drop-off. Use this opportunity to sort, clean, and pack.  Or, take a box, laundry basket or storage tub and clear out all excess items, putting those closets and garage to good use!  They are NOT photographed.  At the very least, remove distracting items, as shown in the image above with red arrows.   Want to read more and can’t wait?  Download this handy tip sheet!

Download Preparing your house for real estate photography flyer in an Adobe PDF