Files of course!!!  Have you wondered how to unzip those files of images you just received?  Here is a link to a quick video tutorial.  Enjoy!

We recommend that you download an application to extract zip files, such as WinZip (free).

Here is a tutorial to help on your mobile phone:

1. Tap to download all on the link received.

3. Tap to confirm download if asked

4. It may look like nothing is happening on some devices. On others, a download icon may appear at the top left of your screen. As soon as the download is complete, open the file.

5. If you downloaded WinZip, you’ll see the option to open .zip file with WinZip.

6. You can open the files with WinZip or choose the location to save them.

These steps may vary from phone to phone. But, here you have the main steps of the secret recipe to open a zip file on Android.

Obviously, do not hesitate to ask for help by sending us an email if necessary.