Let’s face it, we all have our own idea of what looks “good” in any room.  So, with that in mind, and the vast array of room styles, age, sizes, we are going to tackle in the simplest way possible, what it means to get any large living space ready to be photographed to it’s best advantage so that your home sells quickly because potential buyers are enticed by clean, attractive rooms that show how their style and personal belongings will easily adapt to any room.  Regardless of the age, size, style of your home any room can be made to look its best by doing basically ONE thing.  Are you ready??

CLEAN it up!  Pick up all clutter, cords, personal items (frames, papers, remote controls, etc), unnecessary decorative items (keep one thing on an end table, for example), discard old rugs.

Let’s look again at the room from our previous post This is a room FULL of items.  And to live with all your items is a great thing!  But to photograph them is quite different.  One way you can get this room ready is to go ahead and start packing.  Sort, clean and pack items away.  Work towards each room containing only basic furniture (any really large item like a pool table, TV, etc. if possible be removed to the garage).

If you are not able to pack, take storage bins, or laundry baskets and put all items in those and store in closets or garage.  Remove all personal items like photos, papers, remote controls, cords from appliances, TVs, VCRs etc.  Discard all worn or old rugs, and polish furniture.  So that the room is shown to its best advantage, and not full of distractions which, can cause your eye to wander, simply remove all personal items.  You want potential buyers to see how their items will work in each space, and also to see the room without being distracted.  You want buyers to see walls, floors, spacing.

Whatever level of cleaning you are able to accomplish, whether to simply grab all “extra” items and stuff in a closet or sort and pack, you can get rooms photograph ready!  Ask friends and family to come help, keep a box handy for thrift store pickup or garage sale.  Kids can be very helpful in putting items into boxes.  Doing a little each day prior to the photo session, will make the overall task much easier, and not so overwhelming.  Stay tuned for next week’s article as we talk about getting a kitchen ready to be photographed.


Until next time…
“I love cleaning, weird but true. It really relaxes me.” Jessie J